Tose’e San’ati Moshfeq (Moshfeq Industrial Development) Company was founded in 2005, aiming to recruit individual assets from persons whom skilled and experienced in running industrial units in order to invest in different industries and supply part of the national demand for industrial products, technological development and access to the new technologies, as well as generating added-value, achieving profitability for the shareholders and contributing to industrial development and job-creation in Iran.

The company directors were well-versed in the area of metal casting, especially that of ductile cast iron pipes and its market. Therefore, after thorough assessment and considering the strong demand of water and wastewater management companies and other consuming organizations in the region besides the lack of sufficient production capacity in the market as well as the exports market, in their first step after establishing Moshfeq Industrial Development Co. they planned for and invested in producing ductile cast iron pipes with an annual production capacity of 70,000 tonnes via starting the Hamoon Naiza Co. In their next step, they invested in other manufacturing and service companies to complete the production chain and utilize the resulting added-value and synergy.

Moshfeq Industrial Development Co. (private) was founded on 23 July 2005 with a starting capital of Ten million Rials, registered 253102 in Tehran’s Company Registration General Office. After sixteen phases of capital increase, the current corporate capital is 246.1 Billion Rials.