The directors of Moshfeq Industrial Development Co. are committed to their mission towards the shareholders and the community and are obliged to do their utmost within the corporate memorandum of association and protocols to accomplish it.

1.Mission toward the shareholders

Performing service and trade activities ,profit-generation, and accomplishment of corporate development goals

Correct utilization of the assets and capital at hand via investment in and the management of production centers

2.Mission toward the community

Contributing to sustainable industrial development

Job-creation and propagation of hope among the youth

Revenue-generation for governments via the payment of tax and legal duties;

Extending the insurance protection and revenue-generation for institutions of social security and retirement insurance

Increasing social capital and public trust as well as the culture of industrial development

Contribution to protecting and improving the environment by adhering to project regulations and creating green spaces

 The overview of the major corporate goals in the coming five years is as follows: 

  • Investment in the top- and low-level industries of water and wastewater management industry (up to one thousand billon Rials)
  • Creating at least 1000 productive, stable job opportunities
  • Partnering with native partner(s) for investing in neighboring countries to maintain and expand the market for water pipes and their fittings
  • Expanding commercial activities with prioritizing the exports of industrial products and imports of the raw materials needed for the national industries
  • Entering Alternative investment in order To invest on Startups in different stages with the goal of maximizing Corporate investment Portfolio.