Type: private


Recorded capital: 400 billion IRR


The Hamoon Naiza Co. is a producer of ductile iron pipes to supply pipes and fittings for water and wastewater management projects. The pipes are manufactured in diameters of 80 to 700 mm, with the company having a nominal production capacity of 700 ktonnes a year. It was established in Kashan town in April 2006 in an area of 38 hectares, with 24 hectares occupied by the industrial areas and 14 hectares by the green space of the factory. In 2014, the company added the billet production line to its array to supply the market. The manufactured pipes are made using the newest technologies and certified by ISO2531 AND EN545 standards, supervised by sophisticated laboratories. The namesake of the company refers to Hamoon and Naiza words, pointing to the location of Hanyco factory in the margins of the central deserts of Iran and its task, that is, pipe production. Hamoon means a plane or dessert while Naiza originates from the term Nai, which means pipe in Persian.


Relationship to Moshfeq Co.: Moshfeq Industrial Development Co. is the founder and chairman of the boards of directors in Hamoon Naiza Co..

Shareholders:Moshfeq Industrial Development Co., Sharif Supply and Development Co., Iran Machinery and Pipe Manufacturing (LMICO) Co., and a number of natural persons.




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