Type: private


Recorded capital: 35 billion IRR



Aronab Company was established in 1999 by a number of legal and natural persons and Iranian specialists with technical skills and experience in various industries; aiming to contribute to industrial development and progress. During its operation time, Aronab has used its expert forces and continues relationships with foreign partner companies to obtain up-to-date technical knowledge in order to take great steps in different industrial fields and play its part in many industries such as power generation, petroleum and petrochemistry, and so forth. Satisfied Iranian and foreign clients (including Mapna Co., Arvand Petrochemical Co., National Petroleum Engineering and Construction Co., National Steel Group, Petroleum Engineering and Development Co., and others) are a testament to the capability and success of Aronab in its projects.


Relationship to Moshfeq: Moshfeq Industrial Development Company is a shareholder in Aronab Co.

Shareholders: Moshfeq Industrial Development Company, Hamoon Naiza Co., Aliaj Gostar Hamoon Co., Moshfeq Commercial Development Co., and a number of natural persons.




 +9821 44158543