Type: private


Recorded capital: 180 billion IRR


This factory was established in July 2015 with an annual capacity for producing 5000 tonnes of high-grade ferrosilicon in an area of 120000 square meters, aiming to take a step towards the development of industries dependent on raw materials and the self-sufficiency of ferroalloy industry. Aliaj Gostar Hamoon Co. uses an electric arc furnace and sophisticated testing and quality controlling equipment to produce and supply a ferrosilicon of highest quality, with a grade of 75%.


Relationship to Moshfeq: Moshfeq Industrial Development Company is the founder and a shareholder in Aliaj Gostar Hamoon Company.

Shareholders: Moshfeq Industrial Development Co., Hamoon Naiza Co., Sharif Supply and Development Co., Moshfeq Commercial Development Co., and a number of natural persons.




 +9821 44158547